Program and automate your workflows and integrations


Discover unlimited possibilities

Automate your integrations robustly, securely, and auditably with batch or real-time programming.

Efficiently manage data flows. Define ETL tasks.

Process predecessors & succesors in flows. Scheduled execution windows, automated or manual triggers.

Use cases: Marketing campaigns, collections, risk analysis, forecasts, credit portfolio brokerage, trusts, among others.

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Task scheduler that automates processes and manages interfaces.

  • Defines and manages interfaces.

  • Validates, transforms, and encrypts internal and external information.

  • Schedules tasks and defines predecessors and succesors.

  • Allows error handling, executing manual and batch processes.

  • Generates scheduled alerts.


Link between operating systems and databases with Apps and services. 100% Cloud via APIs.

  • Provides an additional layer of security.

  • Simplifies integrations with payment platforms and methods (BNPL, QR, Payment Link), validation services (credit bureau, phone, email), and collections input systems.

  • Accelerates Time to Market and facilitates the incorporation of changes and functionalities.

  • Ensures that a possible failure does not affect other applications or systems.


Fully navigable and flexible report and dashboard manager, with real-time updates.

  • Generates real-time execution indicators.

  • Allows access to all historical data and audits trail.

  • Enables rule generation for alerts, messaging and notifications.

Pillars of our technology


We did it all so you don’t have to code.
Implement faster. Involve the business team.


We simplify the integration and scalability of your operations.
Take advantage of the power, security, and resilience of the cloud.


We customize each solution and combine them synergistically.
Add, remove, or update components efficiently.


We unify the experience across all your channels, platforms and devices.
Manage your reporting, profiles and flows centrally.


We generate customized reports integrated with all your sources.
Browse your information in real time, with alerts and automatic deliveries.

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