None of us is as good as all of us together.


Being global leaders in Low-Code modular financial solutions.
We provide the infrastructure for our clients to implement successful digital businesses, creating a distinctive experience that fosters financial inclusion.


It's the essence that guides our actions and relationships, how we interact and collaborate to achieve our goals.

They are the core values at BeClever.


We foster an environment of support, collaboration, and empathy.

We all contribute to collective success with humility.


We value wellbeing and harmony between work and personal life.

We advocate for healthy habits for all.


We respect the autonomy of our community.

We understand that flexibility is important for fostering creativity and innovation.


We approach challenges with optimism and motivation.

We seek opportunities in every situation.


We act with honesty, ethics, and transparency.

We are committed in all our interactions.


We strive for perfection and excellence in all aspects of our work.

Our goal is to deliver results of the highest quality


Our staff is led by outstanding experts in the various areas that make up BeClever.

Gustavo Defilpo
CEO & Co-Founder
25+ years of experience in designing lending and card solutions in Latam. Over +10 years of helping incumbents and fintechs implement embedded finance with BeClever’s infrastructure.
Sergio Naimo
CIO & Co-Founder
25+ years in implementing and promoting best practices in the credit card sector. Over +10 years advising clients on migrating to cloud solutions.
Rodrigo Ferrero
CTO & Co-Founder
20+ years of experience in designing and developing Low-Code products applied to the financial industry.
Sebastian Luna
10+ years of experience in software companies leading administration, accounting, and finance processes.
Eugenio Beccar
15+ years leading fintechs and companies in LatAm in implementing business units and digital transformations.
Agustín de Zuviría Allende
15+ years of experience with a focus on startups, marketing, and strategy in various industries.

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